• November 25th - Noon-6pm

    This time last year, Madame Vice President visited us on Small Business Saturday. I'm hoping that she had such a lovely time that she'll come back this year! It was a surprise for us, so you'll just have to show up to find out! Lots of great artists and vendors will be selling their works, so DON'T MISS OUT!


    Let's celebrate ourselves & each other as we transition into summer, the time for nourishment and light...
  • How to grout your Mosaic Coaster!

    I often get the opportunity to do craft activities for my daughter’s school. This Saturday, I’m running the craft table at the Summer Bash; a fundraiser for our public elementary school.

    Because there is only time at the event to glue down our tiles, I’m sending everyone home with a bag of powdered grout and a link to this post so that they can finish their coasters!

  • Vice President Kamala Harris Visits These Hands Maker's Collective for Small Business Saturday

    Did that just happen?! We were beyond thrilled to have Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff in the shop for Small Business Saturday! 
  • How it all started...

    I was born in the seventies, in the height of the hippie craft movement and I grew up attending the Renaissance Faire dressed in costumes that my mother made by hand. She had a stained glass bench set up in our garage and I would gather up the lead solder pellets that fell on the floor.