Let's celebrate ourselves & each other as we transition into summer, the time for nourishment and light...

Event will begin at 5pm and is free to attend!  Our vendors will be there selling their wares all evening, but if you'd like to attend the Soundbath at 8:30pm,  you will need to pre-register HERE.  Also, if you'd like to pre-book an Aura Photo Sesssion,  please do so HERE!


Please check out our Vendors & spiritual summer solstice gurus...

Empowered Yoga Studio
We are proudly a female and BIPOC owned studio, that is entirely owned and operated by our teachers. Cultivating Community, Empowering Everyone.
Dorothy Keiper is a local sound bath meditation guide, reiki practitioner, and postpartum doula. She is passionate about holding sacred space for people to relax, release, and receive.
Soul SiSTAR Mystique shares Oracle card insights as a way to provide clarity and guidance for those seeking support and healing. The readings are geared to help people align with their highest timeline for their highest good.
Peyton based in Los Angeles has been writing poetry with the creative agency Ars Poetica for two years and has become a frequent guest at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market. She loves writing poetry to supply friends and strangers with words of warmth, affirmation, and a dash of silliness. Her poems reflect her intuition and fine attention to small, beautiful things. You can check out her work on her poetry page:
Camp Disco
Make your own crystal-infused essential oil perfume! Nosey up to the perfume bar to select an essential oil blend and accompanying crystals to create your custom perfume in a convenient rollerball bottle. Awaken your senses with a personalized blend that aligns with your intentions!
Victoria Ann Meyers is a local artisan obsessed with making everyday magic: pairing natural crystals with fine metals, her airy, minimalist pieces are handmade with love and intention to enhance your energy as you manifest your best life.
Orinda means the “spiritual electricity inherent in nature.” We make Persian-inspired balms, elixirs, botanical perfumes, art and jewelry to keep you connected to ancient “grandmother cultures.”
Aura Photography by SOULGLOW
Soulglow was started in 2018 by Angelina Mortarotti, an experienced Aura Photographer, Crystal worker, Angel and Animal card reader, as well as a credentialed Reiki Master and Teacher. Angelina’s interest in energy and the Human Aura started at a young age, and has become a passion for her as she has seen all the magic that unfolds through this work.
A Soulglow Aura Portrait Session uses a specialized camera to capture an image of your aura. We then offer an interpretation of the colors, their placement, and their meanings for you. The experience is a fun and visually stunning way to see your current energetic state.