"Starburst Lily" Original Oil Pastel by Kirsten Israel

"Starburst Lily" Original Oil Pastel by Kirsten Israel

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"Starburst" Signed Original Artwork 2024 by Kirsten Israel

5x7" oil pastel on mixed media paper framed to 8x10"

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About the Artist:

Originally from State College, Pennsylvania, Kirsten Israel grew up loving art of all forms and took every creative class she could in school. After 15+ years of painting, she found her sweet spot in exploring the balance between abstraction and realism. Her favorite mediums are acrylic paint, oil pastels, and charcoal. Mixing them creates unexpected textures and depth, and an elevated level of intrigue. From mountain ranges and forests to seascapes and floral arrangements, nature is the unifying theme in her work. She finds peace and inspiration in the great outdoors and hopes to bring that feeling of serenity to others through her art.