NOV 10th IN-PERSON - Natural Dyeing with Substantive dyes with Thunder Textile
NOV 10th IN-PERSON - Natural Dyeing with Substantive dyes with Thunder Textile
NOV 10th IN-PERSON - Natural Dyeing with Substantive dyes with Thunder Textile
NOV 10th IN-PERSON - Natural Dyeing with Substantive dyes with Thunder Textile

NOV 10th IN-PERSON - Natural Dyeing with Substantive dyes with Thunder Textile

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Course Description: 

Substantive dyes, also referred to as direct dyes, become chemically fixed to the fiber without the aid of other chemicals or additives. 


In this class we will learn about those dyes (specifically black walnut, sumac and onion skins) and dye both mordanted and unmordanted items. Choose from napkins, a table runner, bandanas, rayon or silk scarves, or a canvas drawstring bag plus you may bring one small natural fiber item to dye. 

If you've been wanting to learn about natural dyeing this is a perfect starter class!

Age Group: Adults (18 and over)

Level: No experience necessary! 

Workshop Info:
Date: Friday, November 10, 2023

Time: 6-9pm

These Hands Maker's Collective
13347 W. Washington Blvd., Unit A
Los Angeles, CA 90066

About the Artist:

Rachael Duran is the owner/maker at thunder textile. She is a self-taught dyer and a lover of soft natural fiber textiles. Her interests include macrame, block printing, marbling, screen printing, knitting, photography, and candle making but her true passion is working with dye. Whenever she's not starting a new project or tackling a new craft she's having fun with her husband and five-year-old daughter.

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