JUN 1st IN-PERSON - Kid's Animal Paper Doll Series: The Red Fox with Mirina Moloney

JUN 1st IN-PERSON - Kid's Animal Paper Doll Series: The Red Fox with Mirina Moloney

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Class Description:

Second in the series is the Red Fox. Did you know fox pups are called kits and that a group of fox are called a skulk or leash? They have such excellent hearing that they can hear rodents digging miles underground - kind of like little humans and their ability to hear a chip bag being opened in another part of the house!
* all materials provided
* ages 7 and up, please
* must be able to handle scissors responsibly
* drop-off but caregivers welcome to stay

About the Artist:

Mirina is a visual artist with a background in fashion, jewelry design and photography. She has returned to her first love of creating art for art's sake and works in a variety of mediums. Currently, she is drawn to the simplicity of working with the humble sheet of paper and negative space. What is revealed in that space can be as interesting as the cuts themselves, and the process of making the cuts as meaningful as the finished piece. She finds inspiration in the natural world and hopes to celebrate its beauty and wonder in her art.
Age Group: Children 7 year old and up
Level: All levels welcome

Workshop Info:
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Time: 3:30pm-4:40pm

These Hands Maker's Collective
13347 W. Washington Blvd., Unit A
Los Angeles, CA 90066

COVID Updates:
We are following the CDC guidelines and updating our policies regularly.  At this point in time, proof of complete vaccination is required prior to entry.  The workshop will be held indoors and you are encouraged to wear a mask.  If you are having any symptoms prior to the workshop, please stay home and you will be credited for the class.  Hand sanitizer will be provided.
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