Creative Process Original
Creative Process Original
Creative Process Original

Creative Process Original

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The Creative Process, 2022.
Watercolor on paper, 18x24” and matted in a 24x30” black wood frame.
Shipping and handling is included in price. This piece is currently on view at These Hands Maker’s Collective - feel free to come see it in person!

This piece is a stand out among my other works - it is the largest watercolor painting I’ve completed to date and had a much more lengthly creation process (for lack of a better term!) because of its scale and layout. Thanks to this new exploration in size, I painted with bigger gestures and brushes than I have in years, resulting in a work that’s as realistic as it is interpretive.

The design features 42 wells filled with all of my favorite watercolors (and gouache!) to create a dream palette. In the mixing space, there are blobs that are both imagined and real, based off of my current palette.

Marks made as part of the artistic process are left in the piece, including paint splashes and pencil marks. These are a purposeful reminder that creation can be wonderfully messy and is a journey with many steps.

The Creative Process is a product of exploration, joy, and my love affair with watercolor. I hope it gives you the same excited feeling that it gives me. 

This piece is also available as a puzzle, sticker sheet, and print. Check out the other products in the collection and how they came to be here. You can see even more behind the scenes on the blog and my Instagram, where there is a dedicated highlight reel called “New Puzzle” with videos about the drafting and painting processes.

ps. This piece comes framed with hardware attached. It’s currently wired to hang vertically but it can be wired to hang horizontally if you’d prefer.

This piece comes framed. Free shipping. All sales are final.