Copper Raw Citrine Ring Size: 5 by Legna Creations

Copper Raw Citrine Ring Size: 5 by Legna Creations

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A handmade Electroformed copper ring with a citrine stone. This ring is approximately size 7.

Gorgeous copper ring with a citrine gemstone! The copper is lightweight and looks great with any outfit.

Money, success, self-confidence, relationships, health - all these things are what you need for happiness. And Citrine is here to give them to you. The energy of Citrine will help you find balance.Copper Raw Citrine Ring Size: 5

About the Artist

My Name is Elvira and I truly believe that my faith and love for angels have guided me to create my unique jewelry. Legna is actually Angel spelled backwards. I have always had a creative mind but had no idea how much I would love making jewelry. I lose myself for hours on end creating new and unique pieces. There’s a lot of passion, heart and soul that goes into every piece I make and can spend hours or days creating just one piece. It fills me with such joy to know that there is a piece of jewelry or a home decor piece I created somewhere in this world that my Angel guides inspired me to create just for you.
In 2020 I lost my son. I now have my own angel in heaven inspiring me to create unique pieces. Since his passing I have done nothing but dive deeper into my craft. I feel truly blessed to have my craft to help me cope with his loss. Since his passing I added Home Decor pieces and other items to my shop. What I create is truly a labor of love.

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