our Makers

It all starts with that wonderful inspiration. You see something you love... It creates a charge in you - a jolt that tells you that you need to create. Maybe you have the skills to do it. Maybe you don't. But whatever the case, your creativity is awakened.

Our goal at These Hands is to seek out those makers... those inspiring artists... and ask them to teach us a skill.

It's not about copying their work.

It's about inspiring others to create from their own minds.

We are a community. We are friends. These are our friends..

Lindsey Campbell

Hello Hydrangea

Mindy Schumacher

Follysome Prints

Em Wylder

Woven Wyld

Chrysteen Borja

Waverly Knots

Raquel Olivo

Olivo by Raquel

Susan Clark

Sweetheart Ceramics

Diane Martell

Diane Martell Landscape

Atzimba Pahua

Follysome Prints

Marissa Morrison

The Neon Tea Party

Kim Baise


Anne Weil

Flax & Twine

Allison Teicher

The Eyde

Maria Lucia Londoño

La Cosmo

Lauren Earl

Szklo Glass

Alee Hernandeux


Alix Camp

Yoku Jewel

Brittany Raimo

Bros by Britt

Ainsley Warner

Wild Fibres

Treasure Mallory

Nikki & Mallory

Ruth Kennison

The Chocolate Project

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

Stace Fulwiler

Stace Fulwiler

Trudy Perry

Brittney Banks

Alyson Jon Toone

Make it Work

Esmeralda Aguilar

Esme Design

Anne-Sophie Cauchy

The Bijou Factory

Dawn Dafgek

Bone by Dawm

Anne Cops

Meraki Handmade

Cathi Milligan

The Glass Studio

Sarah Godfrey

The Lake of Spring

London Kaye

London Kaye Street Artist

Denise Ambrosi

These Hands Maker's Collective

Natalie Brejcha

Arroyo Seco Woodcraft

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