ONLINE - Papier Mache Holiday Ornament Workshop with Kim Baise
ONLINE - Papier Mache Holiday Ornament Workshop with Kim Baise
ONLINE - Papier Mache Holiday Ornament Workshop with Kim Baise

ONLINE - Papier Mache Holiday Ornament Workshop with Kim Baise

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Class Description:

This is a VIRTUAL WORKSHOP!  When you register for this course, you will be mailed the login information for our virtual course that will take place LIVE on  NO KITS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS WORKSHOP, but most of the materials you can find in your home.

Get your Holiday Spirit On! Spend some creative time with friends online or family members at home for this fun Paper Mache Holiday Ornament Workshop. Make custom ornaments to hang in a tree, decorate presents or give them as personalized gifts. Join artist Kim Baise as she walks us through her unique paper mache method. You'll learn basic techniques and come away with a new appreciation for the art form. No experience is needed. Get ready to get messy and have fun working from the comfort of your own home. Start collecting your own supplies (mostly household items).

Here is the supply list for the papier mache workshop with a photo attached to make it easier for the visual people :)

Materials Needed:

•Bowl (cereal bowl size or larger) 
•Masking tape Duck brand General use or any brand!
newspaper Each person should have 1 full LA Weekly or similar newsprint

•Cardboard- (2 kinds) 1 recycled cut side of a cereal box ( bendable cardboard) and one (hard sturdy cardboard) piece 5x11" approx. size  can use USPS  recycled priority mail box cardboard
•Brown packing paper or brown paper bag Trader Joes bags are good
•White acrylic paint (for base coat)
•Assorted paint brushes from large to fine detail sizes
•Assorted colors acrylic paints to share: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, pink, turquoise
•Foil - Foil Sheets for mixing paint /palette and lined baking sheet
•Fine hemp twine or string - not mandatory! 1 roll (only if you want to add for hanging sculptures)
•Sponge brush
•Mod podge
•Disposable cup paper or plastic  - for paint brush cleaning
•Oven, pot holder and baking tray lined with foil
•Collect any inspirational shapes you may need for your sculpture such as: recycled toilet paper rolls, candy or soap boxes, plastic easter eggs, toothpicks, BBQ skewers..etc.

Workshop Info:

Sunday, November 29, 2020, 11am-2pm
Location:   ONLINE
After you register for this workshop, you will receive the login information for our virtual workshop.  This class is being limited to only 20 students so that each one of you will get individual assistance from the instructor.
By registering for this workshop, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.